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“PicoZip is a powerful tool for working with compressed files, yet it’s also easy-to-use. It has support for a wide variety of compression formats. At the same time, it makes it easy to generate self-extracting files and do regular backups. PicoZip can convert from one format to another, integrate with email, and process batches of files. So, if you’re looking for a program for working with compressed files, take a good look at PicoZip — very well done!”
Michael E. Callahan aka Dr. File Finder ™

“Hey man, even the advanced features are simple to understand and use. This is one program made to make your life much, much easier.”
Dave’s Review

“PicoZip really kicks butt! I uninstalled all 3 compression utilities I had before and just use PicoZip now.”
Michael Klucher
Founder of

“A very nice zip tool that comes with everything you need and more !”
Review in

“This file compression tool is more user friendly than Winzip, WinRar and WinAce put together. … I will never use another file compression utility.”
Brian Minca
Founder of

“PicoZip is loaded with features that make it the ultimate compression utility. It is without a doubt capable of replacing whatever you may be using now.”
Jason Fontenot
Founder of

“Makes WinZip look a little outdated! PicoZip is super quick and seemlessly provides all of my archiving needs – superb effort!!!”
Shaun McGill
Founder of

“I love PicoZip. It’s fast, cheap, very easy to use, packed with options and it looks good too.”
Marcel Klum
Co-Founder of

“PicoZip is fantastic !! It is robust, fast and simple, but still full of advanced features”
Campbell Mander
Founder of

“PicoZip is cheaper and even better than many well known zip utilities.”
Nicolás H. Martins
Chairman of

“I have to say that I love it. It’s taken over from WinRAR as my zipper of choice, hands down.”
Wil Harris
PR Executive of

“PicoZip is the best utility around because it supports most of the archive formats.”
Rahul Singh
Founder of

“To tell the truth I used to be a keen Winzip user, and loved the features, but after using PicoZip I have converted and now rely on this in my daily zipping and unzipping of files.”
Chris Freeman
Review in

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