Release 4.01 – September 27, 2005

  • Bug Fix Fixed an issue with non-password protected backups. If you created a non-password protected backup using PicoZip 4.0, it would still be encrypted.

Release 4.0 – September 19, 2005

  • Added Feature Added feature to create a new archive and burn to CD/DVD
  • Added Feature Added feature to burn an existing archive to CD/DVD
  • Added Feature Added feature to edit the properties of files within an archive without having to decompress and recompress the archive.
  • Added Feature Added integrated FTP support to upload archives from within PicoZip and from Windows Explorer shell integration
  • Added Feature Added “Update and Add” files option for adding files to an existing archive
  • Added Feature Added option to include empty subfolders when creating archives
  • Added Feature Added feature to merge multi-volume ZIP archives
  • Added Feature Added feature to export PicoZip backup sets directly to PicoBackup
  • Added Feature Added improved support for antivirus software
  • Bug Fix Fixed some issues related to large ZIP file support
  • Bug Fix Fixed password support in backups
  • Bug Fix Fixed many other minor issues.

Release 3.01 – September 10, 2004

  • Added Feature Added extra security warnings when opening unsafe file types in archives.
  • Added Feature Added feature to create a desktop shortcut to an archive file.
    Bug Fix Fixed an issue with adding many files to batch operations and backup sets in some older versions of Windows.
  • Bug Fix Fixed some other minor issues.

Release 3.0 – July 15, 2004

  • Added Feature Added Windows XP Theme support.
  • Added Feature Added support for toolbar skins that can be used to customize the look of the toolbar.
  • Added Feature Added the ability to re-arrange the order of the buttons on the toolbar.
  • Added Feature Added support for WinZip compatible AES encryption of ZIP files.
  • Added Feature Added Split feature for splitting Zip files (WinZip compatible).
  • Added Feature Added support for .WAR and .MIM file formats.
  • Added Feature Added Base64 encoding/decoding.
  • Added Feature Added Batch Delete from Archive feature.
  • Added Feature Added more command buttons that can be placed on the toolbar.
  • Added Feature Added ability to auto-update archive when files being viewed is modified.
  • Added Feature Different archive types are now displayed with different icons in Windows Explorer for easy identification.
  • Changed Improved the speed of opening extremely large archive files.
  • Bug Fix Fixed some issues with archives that spanned disks.
  • Bug Fix Added workaround for Windows 2000 bug that causes Windows Explorer to hang.
  • Bug Fix Fixed many other minor issues.

Release 2.8 – March 27, 2003

  • Added Feature Added support for ZIP files larger than 4GB.
  • Added Feature Added support to extract from multi-volume ZIP files.
  • Changed Optimized PicoZip to speed up loading of archives that contains a lot of files.
  • Bug Fix Fixed an issue with the “Copy Command-line to Clipboard” command in Backup.
  • Bug Fix Fixed several bugs related to compressing to floppy disk and disk spanning.
  • Bug Fix Fixed a bug where files with filenames starting with a period is not added to an archive.

Release 2.7 – February 25, 2003

  • Added Feature Added new context menu item “Compress and Email …” that allows you to create and email archives, with the ability to set the archive settings like filename, password, archive format, etc.
  • Added Feature Added many new enhancements to the backup feature, including:
    (a) Options to show/hide confirmations after backup.
    (b) Added incremental backup method.
    (c) Can password protect backups.
    (d) Can backup folders while exluding subfolders.
    (e) Can specify files and/or file masks to exlude from backup.
    (f) Options to skip read-only files, hidden files and system files.
    (g) The Manage Backup dialog box automatically save and restore its height.
  • Added Feature Added “Copy Command-line to Clipboard” command to the context menu when you right-click a Backup Set in the “Manage Backups” dialog box. This command will copy the command-line to run the selected Backup Set to the clipboard.
  • Added Feature Added new configuration setting to allow you to set the temporary folder that will be used by PicoZip when creating archives. This setting can be configured under “Options -> Configuration -> Folders”.
  • Changed The Extract Dialog Box has been made resizeable to make it easier to select the target extract folder.
  • Bug Fix Fixed a bug in the archive explorer folder tree view that renders the tree view incorrectly when there are folders and subfolders with the same name.
  • Bug Fix Fixed a bug that causes the files list to be refreshed once when opening an archive file.

Release 2.6 – February 12, 2003

  • Added Feature Added folder tree view for files in an archive. You can now view files in any folder within an archive by selecting the folder. New configuration settings are available to configure the behaviour of this new feature.
  • Added Feature Added the “Drop Add Options” dialog that is shown when you drag-and-drop files on an archive or on PicoZip main window while an archive is open. This dialog allows you to set some add options before the dropped files are added.
  • Changed The Add dialog box now shows the ‘*.*’ wildcard for file name by default.
  • Changed PicoZip installer will now ask you where you would like PicoZip shortcuts to be created, rather than automatically creating shortcuts on the
  • Desktop and Start Menu by default.
  • Bug Fix Fixed a bug in the Text and HTML file list export feature, where the column headers “Packed” and “Unpacked” was switched by mistake.
  • Bug Fix Fixed a bug that causes an error message when starting PicoZip if you enabled the “Always have PicoZip window stay on top” setting.
  • Bug Fix Fixed bug that causes error when installing PicoZip in Windows NT/2000/XP where user is logged on as member of Admin group.
  • Bug Fix Fixed an issue with the installer when upgrading, where the previous version is left behind in the “Add/Remove Programs” list. This version will automatically remove any previous version of PicoZip from the “Add/Remove Programs” list.

Release 2.5 – January 15, 2003

  • Added Feature Added integration with PicoZip Recovery Tool, our free Zip password recovery utility. If you have PicoZip Recovery Tool installed, PicoZip will automatically add “Recover ZIP Password” command to the “Tools” menu.
  • Added Feature Added a “Open in Windows Explorer after extracting” option in “Extract” dialog box. If selected, PicoZip will automatically open the target folder in a Windows Explorer window after extracting it.
  • Added Feature Added “Restore folders” and “Confirm file overwrites” option to the Batch Extract feature.
  • Added Feature Added configuration setting in Folder tab to use default system folder when opening archives.
  • Added Feature Added configuration setting in Folder tab to use the same folder as currently open archive when adding files.
  • Added Feature The column and order of sorting is now automatically saved and these same settings are used the next time you open PicoZip. If you prefer the old method where sorting is always reset to the first column, you can set the “Always reset sorting to first column” option under the “View” tab in the Configuration screen.
  • Added Feature Added configuration setting in “Shell Extensions” tab to allow you to set the default compression level you want to use for shell extensions commands.
  • Changed When dragging-and-dropping files onto an empty PicoZip window, the “Add Options” dialog box will default to the same folder as the files that were dropped.
  • Changed Deleting files in an archive will no longer refresh the entire file list causing the current position in the list to be lost. This speeds up the delete operation and you do not need to manually scroll back to the position in the list where you deleted file(s).
  • Changed Modified the Batch Extract feature to use the “Extract Folder” settings (that you configure in Options -> Configuration) by default.
  • Changed Modified the “Virus Scan” command so that it displays the Configuration screen automatically if you choose this command without configuring a virus scanner first.
  • Changed Removed the “Light” compression level from the “Edit Backup Set”.
  • Bug Fix Extracting a tar.gz archive will now extract the nested tar file properly, restoring its stored folders.
  • Bug Fix Fixed issue with the “Add Files” dialog in Batch features to overcome a Windows limitation so that you can now add as many files as you in a single add operation.
  • Bug Fix Fixed the Edit Backup Set dialog box problem where the dialog box is partly truncated when displayed on some computers with certain display settings.
  • Bug Fix Removed the “Freshen existing files” option in the Add dialog when creating a new file.
  • Bug Fix Fixed the bug in the built-in explorer, where under certain conditions, may display system folders in addition to archive files.

Release 2.3 – December 9, 2002

  • Added Feature Added PicoZip Tray Tool. This is a separate program that places an icon in your Windows tray area on the Task Bar. This icon provides quick access to recently opened archives, quick backups and other PicoZip features.
  • Added Feature Added Find and Find Next feature that allows you to search for files within an archive that matches the search criteria you set. You can search based on filename (including wildcards), date range or size range.
  • Added Feature Added new configuration settings to allow you to configure the font to use for the file list view. New settings were also added for configuring the new tray tool.
  • Changed Modified the “Edit Backup Set” dialog box to make it resizeable, and also to show a horizontal scrollbar if items in the “Files to Add” listbox is longer than the width of the listbox.

Release 2.2 – November 29, 2002

  • Added Feature Added new shell extensions. When you use the right mouse button to drag and drop one or more archives to any folder, the popup context menu gives you the following options: (a) Extract to the folder where you dropped the archive (b) Extract to a subfolder under the folder where you dropped the archive (c) Display a dialog box to allow you to customize the extraction parameters and destination.
  • Bug Fix Fixed a bug that causes an error when you try to execute a Backup Set that contains files from more than one drive/partition and was set to store relative path.
  • Bug Fix Fixed a bug in the archive file format conversion feature, where the source file is not deleted even though the option to do that was checked.
  • Bug Fix Fixed a bug in the batch features, where you need to press the “Next” button twice in the “Select Output Folder” page if a custom output folder is selected.

Release 2.12 – November 18, 2002

  • Added Feature Added new feature for viewing files within archive, where the user can configure an external viewer and set PicoZip to (a) Always use associated program (b) Always use the external viewer (c) Use external viewer only if there is no associated program (d) Ask user
  • Added Feature Added new context menu items to allow a user to extract multiple archives to the current folder or to a user selected folder. User can also extract the archives to separate subfolders within the target folder.
  • Added Feature Added feature to create shortcut to Backup Sets on desktop. Double-clicking on these shortcuts will run the backup immediately without needing to start PicoZip first.
  • Changed Modified the “Batch Extract” feature to allow user to specify whether to extract to separate subfolders.
  • Bug Fix Fixed bug where the built-in explorer did not restore its previous state when PicoZip is started.
  • Bug Fix Fixed issues related to running PicoZip on multi-user Windows NT/2000/XP.

Release 2.1 – November 8, 2002

  • Added Feature Added the ability to automatically save existing archive file associations before making any changes to associate it to PicoZip, and PicoZip will automatically restore these associations if you choose not to associate it to PicoZip.
  • Added Feature Added the ability to restore the native CAB and ZIP support in WindowsXP if you uninstall PicoZip. Note that you need to reboot after uninstalling to complete the restoration.
  • Changed Expiry of registration key has been removed.
  • Bug Fix Fixed the filter bug which causes the whole archive to be deleted if a filter is active, all currently shown files are deleted and there are files which did not meet the filter criteria.
  • Bug Fix Fixed the PicoZip main window restore bug. This bug causes PicoZip main window to be not maximized when you run PicoZip, even though you had it maximized the last time you use it. A side effect from this bug also causes the “grab tool” on the lower right corner of the PicoZip main window to be unusable when in this state.
  • Bug Fix Fixed an issue with the Properties dialog box, where the archive information is not correctly shown if you apply a filter to the archive that hides some file(s).
  • Bug Fix Fixed a bug in the InfoTip shell extension, where the archive information is not correctly shown when you place your mouse cursor over some Zip files in Windows Explorer.
  • Bug Fix FixedFixed a bug in the Backup feature where backups cannot be performed if you try to make a backup that contains a single folder which contains only subfolder(s) that may contain files/folders.

Release 2.02 – June 26, 2002

  • Added Feature Added configuration settings to enable/disable the compress/decompress confirmation dialogs.
  • Added Feature Added new context menu item to allow extracting multiple archive files in a single operation from within Windows Explorer.
  • Added Feature Improved support for self-extracting archives created by other compression utilities.
  • Changed Changed the expiry time limit of registration keys to 30 days instead of 14 days.
  • Bug Fix Fixed the ACE self-extracting archive to support ACE 2.* archives.
  • Bug Fix Fixed bug when extracting RAR multi-volume archive with more than 9 volumes.
  • Bug Fix Fixed bug where the file extraction progress for ACE archives were not updated.

Release 2.01 – May 29, 2002

  • Bug Fix Fixed built-in explorer bug when viewing an archive located in the root folder of a drive.

Release 2.0 – May 11, 2002 (Major Release)