Hey everyone and welcome to my website.

I'm shy
I’m shy

My name is Alex Pico Zapata.

I’ve been working as a programmer for over 2 decades now… And at some point, while writing code for work, I started signing it with PICOZIP (stands for Pico Zapata Intellectual Property, I thought it was funny). It was my username in a few online programming forums and I wanted to keep it all consistent. Now I guess it’s stuck. I am Picozip!

A little bit more about me… I’m married to the beautiful Jamie. We have two Children – Camila and Alex Jr, and we currently all live in San Jose, CA. I’m currently employed as a senior software developer in a Fintech startup here in Silicon valley.

I’m enthusiastic about everything that is high tech, startup and future related. I’ve been writing in various programming forums for a while, and since my posts there got some traction, I thought I’d start a blog where I can concentrate all my Intellectual Property from around the web.

I plan to write in general about:

  • Gadgets – I’m the gadget nerd for all my friends and I like researching topics to find the “best of category” as well as “best practices” in order to use something well. Since I do the research anyway, I might as well share it. I find there is a dearth of good information about these things online. So expect the occasional review or tutorial from me here.
  • Software – same as above, to figure out the best software to use for a specific purpose, I do a (ton) of research. So I’ll share my conclusions here.
  • Futurism and high tech – I make this solemn promise right now that  I won’t be touching in the type of Silicon valley gossip you can find in sites like TechCrunch. Not that I don’t get exposed to those at work (argh), it’s just that I don’t find those to have a lot of substance or value. Instead I will focus on trends and futuristic concepts around emerging technologies like Virtual Reality (VR), AI, 3D printing, BioTech, FinTech and so on
  • Personal life, musings and opinions – There might be the occasional article about more personal matters. Since many of my friends and acquaintances will be the people who eventually follow this blog, I might just share a bit more of myself here. No promises – it doesn’t come easily to me.

Anyway, I think this site speaks for itself. Enjoy your time playing around in my mind, leave a comment and let me know what you think!